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tile floor in hallway with water standing

Water Extraction

Water extraction with commercial extractors is crucial to successfully drying your home of business. It is the bulk of the physical water. When time is spent sucking up as much liquid water as possible it will benefit the mitigation process later. In order to properly dry out a house or business the water vapor must be harnessed and removed. With  too much liquid water remaining the burden of evaporating what's left will fall on the fans and dehumidifiers. This will cause delays and possibly secondary damage. 

If you have any questions or concerns please give SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge a call.

construction tools laid out on plywood

Reconstruction by SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge

After fire or water damage or mold remediation SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge can replace the building materials that were removed as part of the mitigation process. Many times building materials are deemed unsalvageable and must be demolished. Obviously the will need to be replaced once the mitigation portion of the job is complete. 

SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge is a turnkey business that can come in a address all of your reconstruction needs. Our goal is to restore your home or business to preloss condition.

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1 foot floodcut to save the remaining wall and building structure

Water Damage Floodcut

This is an example of a floodcut. When you experience a water loss water can wick up the wall because the sheet rock acts like a sponge. The sheet rock will soak up the water thus affecting the wall vertically was well as horizontally. A flood cut removes the affected wall and stops the wicking effect. Also, we are able to now access the wall cavity with drying equipment. In this picture we have metal studs. While they may not be as susceptible to mold like wooden studs getting all of the water out of the channels is important to prevent corrosion and suspicious growth.

Call SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge if you have any questions.

Here to Serve the Community

What is the most important thing after the health and safety of your family, friends and coworkers? Its you property. SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge is here to serve. We understand and want the restoration process to go smoothly and comfortably. Whether it's water damage, fire damage or mold damage we are HERE TO HELP!

Church flood

This Baton Rouge area church was flooded by an air conditioning unit over a Holliday. It was days before the damage was detected. Team SERVPRO was called into action within hours to get the Church back up and running. 

Water loss in Baton Rouge La

This home was severely damaged when a flash flood caused a near by river to overflow is banks. Within hours of the hard rains, this home was inundated by flood waters in Baton Rouge La. 

Water loss in Zachary La

This home feel victim to creek flooding back in August of 2017. Multiple air movers and dehumidifiers were put into action to get the folks back into their homes within a few weeks.

Flash flooding

As seen in this photo, a rare torrential flash flood caused this home to flood in one section of their home. Although the water only stood in the residence for a few hours, that was enough time to cause some pretty significant damage. Team SERVPRO acted quickly in getting these folks back in their home within a few weeks. 

Flooded Church in Baton Rouge

We always take a risk when we own a home or business that borders a creek or drainage canal. This church surfed a water loss after flooding rains ravaged a Baton Rouge community. 

Tropical storm damage

An early season tropical storm caused this business to suffer significant water damage due to rising creek water. Team SERVPRO spent 4 weeks in this Baton Rouge area establishment to ensure their workplace was 100% safe to return to.

Subfloor mold issue

This Baton Rouge area home suffered a water loss due to flash flooding. The water sat for several before the water was able to be extracted which caused a pretty significant mild issue underneath their wooden floors. SERVPRO came to the rescue and had these residents back in their hoe within a week.

Mold in an abandoned building

This business had been abandoned for a few years. Several old roof leaks had caused moisture to build up over time which created a significant mold growth issue. Through time and hard work team SERVPRO had the building back operable within a few months. 

Moldy tiles

This commercial bathroom fell victim to a nasty sewage backup after a flooding event in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The standing water quickly turned into a mold remediation job as well. With proper water extraction and treatment this business was back in action within a few weeks.

Post flood cleanup

More than a week went by before this home owner called the professionals at SERVPRO which caused added mold damage to the tally. The SERVPRO team worked day and night to get these folks back into their home. 

Black barrier mold

Its very important to check for mold growth behind your homes black barrier that resides along the outer walls. Dangerous mold can thrive behind these barriers that were originally installed to protect your home. 

Dearman's Fire

This is a picture of the aftermath of the fire at Dearman's Soda Fountain, a very popular destination for many Baton Rouge residents. This Photo from the Baton Rouge Advocate published on March 1, 2016.

Knock Knock Museum water extraction

KKM, in Baton Rouge Louisiana, suffered a minor water loss due to an overflowing drain in one of their bathroom facilities. Our team of experts at SERVPRO had them back up and running within a few days.

Having the proper equipment is key

Having the proper equipment to get your business back up and running is extremely important to your bottom line.As seen in this photo, several air handlers are being used to properly remove moister. At SERVPRO, we have only the best.

Flooded gym

This gym facility, in Baton Rouge Louisiana, flooded in 2017 due to extreme rain flooding from a nearby creek. The wooden basketball court needed extra special care. Team SERVPRO jumped right in and saved the schools brand new floor.

AC overflows in office building

This Zachary Louisiana office building flooded due to an overflowing A/C units drain pan on the third floor. This one can sneak up on any home or business very suddenly if not inspected regularly. 

Thorough inspections, every time

Our highly trained staff takes pride in making sure every inch of your home or business is properly inspected. We understand how important it is for our customers to have that peace of mind that their homes are properly taken care of.

Professional Duct Cleaning

From your home to your business, we offer duct cleaning to keep your environment a safe one. Our team of highly trained professionals knows how important it is to ensure the job is done right, the first time.

Fire by computer cord

A MAC computer charger cord caused this kitchen fire. Although it was a small fire, the smoke damage was quite significant. Our team of highly trained professionals had this family back in their home in two weeks "Like it never even happened."

Drying equipment

A loss due to flood can take a toll on even the strongest person. With the right equipment and resources, we can make those stressful situations a bit less heavy. 

We start every day off right

Every morning we meet as a team to talk about the coming day as well as say a prayer for everyones safety. Our crew embraces this given time every morning to reflect and prepare for the given days activities.

Great employees

We pride ourselves in our employees. These ladies here are thouroughly cleaning every inch of space to ensure all suit is gone following a fire. We take pride in every aspect of our jobs.

Another happy customer

A special thanks to our friends at The Myrtles Plantation! They were extremely pleased through out the entire process. What a beautiful place! It was an absolute honor to create a friendship though such tough times for the folks that work there.