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We get dirty so that you don't have to!

Often times the jobs that we go to do not have the cleanest outcomes. It takes a special sort of person but we love getting dirty. This result also means that y... READ MORE

Storm damage in Zachary La

In March of 2016 we traveled to Zachary, LA to assist in relief efforts after 20 inches of rain fell over two days. A lot of businesses were affected. This is a... READ MORE

Flooded daycare in Baton Rouge, LA

This particular daycare in Baton Rouge, LA fell victim to a water loss caused by a flash flood from a summer storm. Many kids and employees were displaced due t... READ MORE

Tropical storm flood

Team SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge was on site within 4 hours of this homes water loss in the late summer of 2017. A small tropical storm caused some localized f... READ MORE

Baton Rouge residents flood while on vacation

It seams pretty common, as homeowners, to have a bit of anxiety when leaving your home for an extended period of time. We are always double checking everything ... READ MORE

Attic fire damage in Baton Rouge La

Sometimes fires start in the most unexpected places. Most businesses do an excellent job in being proactive to help prevent fires from starting in the most popu... READ MORE

Fire by lightning strike

Any home or business owner in South Louisiana takes a risk at becoming a victim of lightning strikes during any season. The Baton Rouge, LA area is especially v... READ MORE

Post fire remodeling fun

Its hard sometimes to find many positive aspects to dealing with any type of disaster, big or small. Though many years of experience, we occasionally run into t... READ MORE

Water damage to Baton Rouge home

This is a picture of a dining room in a home that was flooded due to a washing machine supply line. In the beore picture you can see the alrge amount of standi... READ MORE

BB Hall Church water loss

This Church, located in Baton Rouge, La, suffered a major water loss due to a water line rupture in one of the bathrooms on the bottom floor. Unfortunately the ... READ MORE